The virtual kick-off meeting for consortium members took place on Friday, February 28, 2014. The presenter was Anders Carlsson (project coordinator) from Blekinge Institute of Technology (Karlskrona, Sweden).

The ideas from project coordinator’ presentation are:
– The ENGENSEC is an extension from previous projects BAITSE, FALCON, ISEC2007, ISEC2010.
– The goal of the project is to create the new “Master in Cyber Security” degree (comparing to MBA). Universities have a possibility to raise quality of their teaching by the collaboration with all the partners.
– It is very important to find the best experts for courses development.

The information part of the webex contains:

  • Basic info about project;
  •  Main objectives as a creation a common framework for a 2 year Master in IT Security, improving existing courses and creating new courses, creating a “Remote Security Lab in Cloud” for students and researchers, to train teachers and have a summer school for students;
  • Existing challenges in a creating new master degree in IT Security;
  •  Opportunities for the partners;
  • Project management structure and communication;
  • Budget, travel, equipment policies.

After the presentation project coordinator answered partners’ questions about the conditions of courses development, copyrights, salary for course development and others. The question of the Remote Security Lab in Cloud was discussed with the Truksans from the University of Latvia. Project coordinator invites partners to the meeting at Sweden (24-25 March) and shows the plan for that meeting.