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ENGENSEC IT Security Summer School 2019

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1 – 5 July 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine

You are welcome to the IT Security Summer School where questions regarding Information Security will be investigated: how to keep data safe, how to safely share it, how to anonymize it, what it takes to reverse engineer data, etc.
Students will be provided with the skills of real-world cases investigation by various aspects of digital forensic, penetration testing, malware analysis, and secure programming. Nowadays, analysis in fields of security requires a special knowledge in both theoretical and practical areas of operating systems architecture, security software, network services, hardware analysis, etc. The presence of such experience will help the students in their future life not only if they work in digital, system and network security area, but also for preventing the traces from unpremeditated damage for their further analysis by forensic specialists.

The experience of Ukraine as victim of most cyber attacks will be used to discuss the benefits, concerns and technical details of defensive methods. We will discuss how we can all live securely in a digital society in the future.

The experience of the EU instructors in Cyber Security, Germany police, Interpol, the organizations which test the application and devices and were  in cooperation with the ENGENSEC project also will be shared  with students.

Previous IT Security Summer School

IT Security Summer School has been organized since 2016 within EU project ENGENSEC that was targeted on Educating experts in cyber security and harmonize master education programs among EU universities. More about ENGENSEC here.

When and where

1-5 July 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine.
National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU “KPI”) , 10 min walk from the Kyiv zoo and 2 metro station from the city center. A perfect location for both study and tourism.

General Chairs

Ievgeniia Kuzminykh (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)

Oleksii Baranovskyi  (National Technical University of Ukraine  “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute“, cybersecurity expert)


1. Malware analysis. Cryptolockers analysis on the real examples like #LockerGoga ransomware that was responsible for disrupting the Norsk Hydra IT control system and forced the Norwegian industrial giant to switch to the manual operation mode.

2. Malware detection for the Android platform using machine
learning techniques.

3. OSINT and Incident response automation.  Security professionals use open source intelligence to identify such potential weaknesses as open ports or unsecured internet-connected devices, unpatched software, leaked or exposed assets, such as proprietary code on pastebins, in friendly networks so that they can be remediated before they are exploited by threat actors.

4. Software Security. Common programming errors and typical vulnerabilities as well as testing techniques in Software Development Life Cycle.

5. Memory forensic. Students will learn how to perform memory dumps in order to follow the incident response activities and also how to extract the information from the memory, so that we are able to get a little bit more insight about what was, or is, working in the operating system at that moment.

6. Capture-The-Flag events (CTF) will be organized last day of the school. Participants will be challenged to pick up flags by exploiting vulnerabilities in the application. The hacking progress is tracked on a score board. Finding this score board is actually one of the (easy) challenges!


  • Oleksii Baranovskyi (National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute“, cybersecurity expert, owner of certificates CEH, CHFI, CVA, ECIH, CND, founder of first CyberSecurity School in Ukraine)
  • Tomasz Surmacz (Wroclav University of Technology,  Poland, author of book “Secure systems and networks”, co-author of book “Cyber Security for Next Generation Experts”)
  • Alex Adamov (Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, , Ukraine, director of NioGuard Security lab)
  • Ievgeniia Kuzminykh (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, developer of course “Advanced Web Security” for ENGENSEC project)
  • Anders Carlsson (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, project manager in BAITSE (Baltic Academic IT-Security Exchange) 2010–2013 and in  ENGENSEC 2013-2017, computer engineer in submarines at Royal Swedish Navy)
  • Gökçer Peynirci ( Yasar University, Turkey, PhD, researcher in areas of malware in Android systems and ML techniques)


The Summer School detailed program is available here. You will receive a certificate for completing the Summer School.

Study methods

A lot of hands-on exercises, lectures, group work, personal laptop is required.

How to participate?

Participants: up to 30 Students (could be also PhD level and junior researchers), Academics, Industry.

Registration:  Please, first register by filling in this form . The participation fee you can pay later.

Registration deadline: June 14, 2019.

Participation fee: 50€ (excluding VAT). Fee includes lectures, coffee breaks, old town excursion. Participants arrange lodging separately.

Discount: if you are registered with your friend, both of you get discount 20%. If you want to learn more about discount and payment method please contact coordinator at your country.

NOTE: Your registration is complete only when the participation fee is received. Fees will be accepted up to one month after registration. Please, see information about payment methods below.

Transport to Ukraine: Kyiv is easy to reach by plane, train and bus directly  from many cities of Europe. For further information about Ukraine and how to get there, please see

Visa requirements: NO visa is required for the citizens of the EU, EEA and many other countries. For further information, please see

For more information

Skype: Ievgeniia Kuzminykh

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Organizers and Sponsors

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