Remote consortium meeting (14-15 May, 2015)

The remote meeting for the consortium members is going to be on 14-15 May, 2015 at 13:30 (Swedish time). The main goals of the meeting are to sum up the status of the project, to check the information for the midterm report and to schedule activities for the next period. Moreover, the meeting participants are going to discuss such topics as equipment purchasing, teacher training, summer school, dissemination, bilateral agreements.

Requested information for the meeting from the each team of course developers:
1) An updated list of preknowledge and outcomes for every course (if it was changed after overlapping)
2) Materials supporting peer-to-peer reviews.
3) Updated requests for equipment and software
4) Short report about the status of the developing course (percentage of completion of each lecture and lab in the plan)

Link for remote meeting: (Enter as a Guest)