ReSeLa Workshop in Riga (LNU): current standing, development and training

The workshop of “Remote Security Labs” will take place in the University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia) from 27 to 30 July, 2015. The current standing, ReSeLa development stages, teachers trainings and support question are going to attend on this workshop. Anders Carlsson (ENGENSEC project general coordinator) and Leo Truksans (course module leader) will represent this course.

Next questions will be discussed during the workshop
• Introducing the new ReSeLa-system
• Stages of deployment and training new members
• Development planning and practice

The main task of workshop is to educate a new members how to deploy and support new ReSeLa-system. In the future the members of ReSeLa workshop will help courses’ teachers to manage the system, add and edit information about labs and students.
The workshop participants wiil be Leo Truksans, course module leader, and Martin Balodis (UOL, Latvia), Anders Carlsson, Vida Ahmadi and Iryna Sokolianska (BTH, Sweden), Olena Tkachova and Oxana Eivseeva (KHNURE, Ukraine), Yaroslav Stefinko and Bogdan Voitusik (LPNU, Ukraine), Artom Shvidkii (SPSUT, Russia).