Digital Forensic Work Meeting (May 2016)

From the 23rd till 25th of May, a work meeting of the Digital Forensic Team took place in the Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden, Germany. The team was presented by the following attendees: Benjamin Dorsch, course module leader (BKA, Germany), Andrey Chechulin (SPIIRAS, Russia), Andreas Kuehn (BKA, Germany), Victor Voelzow (Hessen State Police Academy, Germany), Cemil Yesil (Hessen police, Germany), Martin Mink (Hessen State Police Academy, Germany), Thomas Willkomm (BKA, Germany), Janusch Rolnik (BKA, Germany).

On the first day, the main issue was the article, which has to be written by each group. A structure of the article was discussed, adjusted and has been decided. Work packages for the whole team were resolved and deadlines for single steps agreed.

The following days were used, to go on with the development of the single lessons of the whole course. Labs and presentations were reviewed and adapted. Additionally, possible labs for the upcoming summer school in St. Petersburg were discussed.

A Wiki-book about all necessary topics, concerning Digital Forensics, was created and shared in OwnCloud.