ENGENSEC Summer School in St Petersburg – exciting start! 1

We are glad to announce the start of ENGENSEC Summer School in St Petersburg! The host university is Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). The Summer school will be during two weeks, 18 – 31 July,  2016. The participants are 21 students from partner universities: Blekinge Institute of Technology (Karlskrona, Sweden), Wroclaw University of Technology (Wroclaw, Poland), Kaliningrad State Technical University (Kaliningrad, Russia), P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University (Yaroslavl, Russia) and Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

The Summer School provides students the trainings on such courses as Advanced Network & Cloud security, Digital Forensic, Web security, Pentesting and Ethical Hacking. The courses were developed by ENGENSEC experts. Students of Summer School will get education programs of 3 ECTS credits that will be confirmed by official certificate. The Summer school teachers are representatives of Blekinge Institute of Technology (Karlskrona, Sweden), The German Federal Criminal Police Office (Wiesbaden, Germany),  Kharkiv  National University of Radio Electronics (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Kaliningrad State Technical University (Kaliningrad, Russia), Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Saint-Petersburg Institute for Information and Automation of the Russian Academy of Science (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) and «Training center «Echelon» (Moscow, Russia).

Moreover, the students are invited to join the amazing culture program. They have a possibility to visit the world famous places and museums in St Petersburg.

Anders Carlsson, general manager of ENGENSEC, opened the Summer school and said about the significance of this event for the students. Iryna Karimova, head of SUT international department, had a welcoming speech to the students. Andrey Krasov, SUT coordinator, presented the St Petersburg university and the department of Securied Commincations Systems.

The first course of Summer school is Advanced Network & Cloud security. The teacher is Igor Ushakov from Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). He told students what is going on in advanced networking, including VXLAN overlay networks, network programmability and software-defined networks, using Cisco ONEPK solution and basic fundamental skills in virtualization.

The second day of the teaching was devoted to the practice laboratory. The students were divided into 7 groups. Each group consists of international students. The fastest group is a winner. Case study is about the creation of virtual machine, migration of VM on another tenant with more resources, configuring VXLAN between CSR Cisco 1000 virtual routers. In case of completion the task students need to make backup of VM to geographically remote data center.

At the end of summer school there will be a special game from Kaspersky lab. This company is a partner of St Petersburg Summer school.

As a result of Summer School ENGENSEC partners will get feedbacks from the students about the quality and content of developed courses. The next two weeks are going to be full of new cyber security skills and great impressions for students.

  • Oskar Edbro

    The lectures that have been given are really good. The cultural program is really interesting, but a tiny bit repetitive. The different tsar palaces and gardens are truly amazing, but they aren’t that different that you can spend 5 out of 7 days during the first week. St:Petersburg is a truly amazing city, but it feels like there’s to much crammed into the weeks that are spent here. The time schedule is a bit over ambitious. To leave school and then go directly to the cultural program, without food-break, and with no chance to get to the hotel to leave the bags. Then we have a cultural program in average 3.5 hours, from the time we meet in centrer, a 40 min trip from the university, before supper.

    As i said before, ST:Petersburg is a truly amazing city, but there’s no breathing room in the schedule of the weekdays.