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Here are some other suggestions for the accommodation, with an indication of their price range, (obtained from and their distance to the summer school location. All hotels have twin rooms with separate beds. Price for one twin room.

  • Hotel Danylo Inn (40-50 EUR / night, 200 m)
  • Hotel Plazma (30-45 EUR / night, breakfast included, 500 m)
  • Lviv Central Jam Hotel (35-40 EUR / night, breakfast included, 600 m)
  • Old city Hostel (20-30 EUR / night, 500 m)
  • Panorami center Hostel (15-20 EUR / night, 650 m)
  • Kryva Lypa Hostel (20-30 EUR / night, 650 m)

Also, there are a lot of variants for accommodation in the hostels with Dormitory type. The price of such accommodation is 5 EUR / night for one bed.


Lviv is the city with a well-developed restaurant culture. Restaurants of Lviv differ not only high quality of service and taste of dishes, but also original design of halls, inimitable atmosphere. Residents of the city and its guests can go to a classic restaurant, combine meals with visiting the museum, dine at the executioner’s house or a military bunker, drink coffee with a Viennese strudel in a confectionery restaurant, try different types of beer in the pub. Every 10 m in the city center you can meet cafe, or restaurant, or small coffee house.

Just 20 m over Kniazia Romana street near Summer School location you will find a lot of fast food, café, pizzerias, etc. Distance to old city with a huge number of café is 300 m.



Directions to Lviv

Trains take you directly from Kiev in about 5 hours, from Warsaw in about 8 hours and from Krakow in about 5 hours. There are also daily flights to Lviv Airport from Poland and Kiev.

If you are flying internationally it is generally easiest to fly into Lviv (LWO) airport.

Also, you can fly to Kiev (IEV or KBP) airport, from airport there are bus connection to railway station where you can take Intercity train to Lviv.

Also, you can fly to Krakow (KRK) airport, use bus or train to get city central bus station or train station. From bus station or train station you should take train or bus to Lviv.

Bus from Krakow to Lviv costs about 20 euro and can be checked here:

Train from Krakow to Lviv costs about 20 euro and can be checked here:

Train from KIev to Lviv cost about 10 euro and can be checked here:

To get to your hotel, you can combine a taxi booking or public transport. For any question about Lvov city transport you can contact organizers.

Public Transport

About public transport in Lviv here:

You can use this website to find the bus number you need, it is easy and comfortable to use.

How to get to the Summer School proposed accommodation places from the airport?

  • Take minibus No 48 from terminal A
  • Take off the bus at bus stop “Petra Doroshenka Street or at bus stop “Svobody Avenue”

How to get to the Summer School proposed accommodation places from the railway station?

  • Take tramway No 1
  • Take off at tramway stop “Petra Doroshenka Street

Find a practical map from airport here and from train station  – here.
You need Ukrainian money to pay in public transport. You can pay directly to driver.