Webinars for creating an amazing lectures

вебинарThe ENGENSEC course developers had a possibility to learn more about the modern interactive technologies and data visualization. Three special webinars were organized by Iryna Sokolianska (BTH, Sweden) on 1-3 December, 2015. Everybody was invited to take part in it. One of the main goals of teaching is to motivate students and to provide them material, which is easy to remember. The new technologies help teacher to do it. As a result the teaching effectiveness will be increased.
During the webinars Iryna presented some tools for making an infographics, scribing and interactive presentation. Each webinar includes the information about a definition and a characterization of technology, examples of using and cloud services for visualization creating.

The webinar participants compared technologies and found the best tools for themselves. The course developers are going to create at least a few course lectures using these modern interactive technologies. This can support a good quality of developing ENGENSEC courses.