Documents for teachers

According to specifications of Russian and Ukrainian education laws the maximum limit allowed for course development in Tempus project is 43 credits. These credits consist of 6 subjects situated in 2-nd and 3-rd semesters of education master program.

There is a national component of subjects of each country partner situated in the first semester. Credits for the subjects including in federal component could be transfer between universities-partners of the Tempus program. Also, the Introduction course is situated here. It is facultative. According to result of the final exam the department could make a recommendation either to use the program or not.

In second semester there are 3 subjects (each consists of 7 credits), which are mandatory for all project participants (Adv. Network&Cloud Security, Wireless&mobile security, Secure software development). Left 9 credits in second semesters used for federal component (Ukraine) or practice depends of the university.

Third and fourth semesters intends for exchange part of the program. There are three subjects that elected from 4 subjects (Mailware, Web security, Pentest and ethical hacking, Digital forensic) in the list by each university in the third semester.

In last fourth semester student twice defends master’s thesis. First time in his/her own university, second time in the partner university. Supervisor is elected in every university separately.

7 credits = Exam (1 credit) + Independent Work (3 credits) + Lectures (1,2 credits) + Labs (1,8 credits)

8 credits = Exam (1 credit) + Independent Work (3,5 credits) + Lectures (1,4 credits)+ Labs (2,1 credits)

Also it is possible to make credit transfer from 7 or 8 credits subject to 7,5 and vice versa between universities-partners of the program (especially Swedish).