Tender Procedure for Russia

Tendering Process for ENGENSEC TEMPUS project 544455


The EU ENGENSEC project (http://engensec.eu/) aims at development and implementations courses of future Master Programs in Cyber Security. The project is managed and coordinated by Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). On 2016-09-26 EACEA extended the eligibility period of the project by twelve months, that is, until 30th November 2017.


The equipment is purchased to implement and run the labs for master courses (direction information security), developed in the ENGENSEC TEMPUS project 544455-tempus-1-2013-1-se-tempus-jpcr as described in WP 4

The tendering process should be conducted in accordance with instructions from the project officer (EACA) and the corresponding regulations at BTH. The tendering process has to be supervised and coordinated by BTH.

The start of tender is 2017-04-20 with end 2017-05-20 24:00 (Moscow time).

Download full information
about the equipment specification (.xls)

Download commercial offer form
Download full information about tender procedure (.pdf)

If you have any questions please visit the section “Tender procedure – Q&A” or contact us, e-mail: tender_ru@engensec.eu

Tender procedure – Q&A section.

Question Answer
1.Is there any special form for the commercial offer?



Yes, there is. Please find the excel document “Commercial offer form” on the webpage http://engensec.eu/tenderru/


2. Should the installation costs be included in the total price of equipment? It should be 2 prices in the commercial offer: with installation and without installation
3. We can provide remote help in the installation. Will it be Ok? The remote help in the installation should be enough if the installation process is successful.
4. Could you show the document where it says that Tempus program cannot pay taxes?
Page 8, item 5.4.
 5. Should be the specification the same for all 3 universities? Yes, it should be the same. The difference may be only in the cost of delivery, which should be included in the total cost.
6. “Option: 1 PCIe 10Gb network card with two ports”. What kind of ports do you need?  Optical SFP+ with optical transceiver  or  cooper port RJ-45? Cooper port RJ-45
7. “TP cable to connect”. What the length of cables?  To connect equipment in the same rack – normally 1m
8. Can we make the certificate of origin for the equipment in Russia? Yes, you are allowed to do that. For example parts of the equipment can come from China,but you put it together in Russia. The certificate of origin is from Russia in this case. This is Ok, Russia is a partner country.