Monthly Archives: January 2016


Video invitation to IT Summer School. You are invited to Join Summer Schools in Master courses in IT security areas organized by the EU ENGENSEC project in Lviv (Ukraine) and St. Petersburg (Russia)! Venue • Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine, during June 27th to July 8th, 2016. • St. Petersburg […]

Security in cloud computing

Cloud computing is now more than a vision. It’s a reality that many IT security professionals are in the throes of dealing with today as they are faced with the responsibility of managing security in a cloud-based world. An increasingly important aspect is securing the usage of cloud apps, the […]

Rules of War for Cyberspace

The idea of a “Cyber Geneva Convention” has gained steam in the last five years. Based on the original Geneva Convention, which dates back to 1864, it would ensure that certain types of attacks, as well as specific targets, would remain off-limits in a cyberwar. Creating Rules of War for […]