IT Security Summer School. Teachers of “Advanced Network & Cloud security” course prepared a competition for students

Course “Advanced Network & Cloud security” is the first course of IT Security Summer School powered by ENGENSEC project. The course took place on 18 – 20 July 2016 at the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. Igor Ushakov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) defended the course to the analysis of current state and challenges of advanced networking security. He told students about aspects of advanced network solutions, VXLAN overlay networks, network programmability and software-defined networks, using Cisco ONEPK solution and basic fundamental skills in virtualization. The laboratory works were devoted to series of tasks, connected with Cisco equipment (hardware and virtual), network programmability, overlay networks, virtualization and cloud networking. The tasks of laboratory work was CSR virtual router deployment, support and manage customs with limited authorization rights in data center, create and check the completion an overlay network (VXLAN based) above existed DC interconnect.
Final result of laboratory work was configured topology, where all the tasks, requested by your customer have been done. As a result four teams were the leaders. The first place is belong to team 1:Robert Kacper Pawlas, Alferov Roman, Arshinov Alexander, the second place – team 2:Marcin Kacperek, Oskar Edbro, Zaika Ilya. The third place was shared between team 4 (Wojciech Sobczak, Oskar Henriksson, Knyazev Vladimir) and team 5 (Erik Olsson, Baranova Daria, Ovchenkov Aleksei).