The last release of ReSeLa+

The last release of Remote Security Lab (ReSeLa) took place on 18 May in Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH (Karlskrona, Sweden).

ReSeLaReSeLa+ is an application built for students and teachers at universities who study or teach IT security. As front end it is a web interface that uses the flask framework and the back end is based on the open source project OpenStack.

The following technologies are used to set up ReSeLa+:

  • Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS as operating system for the nodes
  • Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS for the web server virtual machine
  • OpenStack version Mitaka
  • OpenStack services Glance, Keystone, Nova and Neutron
  • Python3 with the Flask framework

OpenStack is installed with the official Mitaka installation guide on for Ubuntu. This can be done manually or the installation scripts can be used. For a more detailed installation guide, see the installation part.