SONY DSCOn 2 December, 2014 the ENGENSEC project was monitored by Anna Muravieva, the representative of the National office Erasmus+ (Tempus) in Russia. The monitoring meeting took place in Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (SUT).  The guiding questions of the monitoring included such aspects as project relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, potential for sustainability, potential impact. The monitoring helped to analyze the project implementation and suggest some useful changes.

Prof. Andrey Krasov, the Saint Petersburg SUT representative, was in charge of organizing this meeting. Andrey introduced his university and its impact to the project progress. Marina Borisova, the coordinator for Russian partners, overviewed the project and its state these days.

Anders Carlsson the General Project Manager, and Rune Gustavsson, the head of Evaluation Committee, joined the monitoring. They provided all the necessary information to Anna and answered her questions.

Andrey Chechulin, the representative of the Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation, made a presentation about the digital forensic course module development. There was a short skype conference with Alexander Dorofeev who told about the progress in pentest and ethical hacking course module development.

The monitoring continued 3 hours. Anna checked the owcloud data portal which helps to exchange information among partners. Every project activity was analyzed according to the initial application plan.

The monitoring participants met the Saint Petersburg SUT administrative staff. There were official meetings with rectorprof. S.V. Bachevskiy and pro-rector O.V.Zolotokrilin. They accented the interest to the ENGENSEC project and proved SUT status as a reliable project partner.

Anna Muraveva said that the project is very important for Russia in transforming higher education. She gave some recommendations during the monitoring discussion which was in a positive and friendly atmosphere. Anna will write an official report about project monitoring.