Coordination meeting at BTH, 24-27 March, 2014


Coordination meeting wil take place on 24-27 March, 2014  at Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden).
Objective: to harmonize education programs
Participants: university staff

Sunday, 23 March        Arrival

Monday, 24 March

  • Presentation of our project “ENGENSEC”
  • Presentation of partners.
  • Economical rules and rules for meetings, payment for work.

 Tuesday, 25 March                Harmonizing a Master degree.

  • Example of a running Master with  Double/Tripple Diploma (Darius Caban, WTU).
  • Problems with different rules in a Master Program
  • How to find common rules in a 2 year Master in Cyber Security.
  • Deciding next meeting where we are going to finalize rules of a common Master.

 Wednesday, 26 March   

  • Discussion about what/which security courses to develop “ENGENSEC” (Anders Carlsson)
  • Presentation of Remote Security Cloud lab
  • How to develop courses, how to collaborate
  • Rules of course development, Bolonga, CDIO
  • How to find experts; suggestions of expert’s to the course development.

Thursday, 27 March        Departure day